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Note: DIT distributes information on behalf of the Navajo Nation Government: Divisions, Offices, and Programs. If you have any question regarding an announcement please contact the Division, Office or Program who originated the information.
Navajo Nation owned vehicles - Automotive Insurance
To: All Divisions, Departments, Programs and Chapters
All Navajo Nation owed vehicles are required to maintain proof of financial
responsibility (insurance) as mandated by law and if requested by any Law
Enforcement Agency having jurisdiction.  read more ...
Weather Forecase and Warnings
Weather forecast thunderstorms and possible flooding, for the next couple of days.
Please prepare in advance with necessities to prevent further damage of loss..  read more ...
Executive Order No. 13-2014: Protecting NN Employees Exposure to Tobacco in the Work Place
The Navajo Nation Executive Order No. 13-2014: August 14, 2014
Protecting NN Employees Exposure to Commercial Tobacco Products
and Secondhand Smoke in the Work Place  read more ...
Buying Cull Sheep - NNVLP (Oct, Nov, & Dec. 2014)
Buying Cull Sheep - NNVLP
NN Veterinary & Livestock Program
October, November and December 2014  read more ...
Free Ram Testing - Genetic test to screen for Scrapie - NNVLP
FREE Ram Testing
NN Veterinary & Livestock Program
Navajo Nation Scrapie Project
Sept. 8 - 9th, 11th, 16-17th, 18th, and 19th.
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  read more ...
Tree Removal Notification - RE: Window Rock Govt. Campus
To all Navajo Nation Divisions, Departments, & Programs
Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches
Beginning Monday, August4, 2014, the NN Facilities Maint. Dept. in coordination
with the Navajo Telecommunication & Utilities Dept. will commence removal of all
"Chinese Elm" trees located in the Window Rock Area.  read more ...
Navajo Nation has a second West Nile Positive horse
Navajo Veterinary & Livestock Program
Equine Health Advisory
September 8, 2014
Navajo Nation has second positive West Nile Virus Horse  read more ...
Vesicular Stomatitis - Livestock ALERT
Vesicular Stomatitis in Livestock
Summer 2014
Navajo Nation Veterinary and Livestock Program  read more ...
FY 2015 Vehicle Assignments Memo
To: Divisions, Departments, Programs & Branches
The Navajo Nation
From: Stanley Yazzie, Chairperson
Motor Vehicle Review Board
Subject: Fiscal Year 2015 Vehicle Assignments
  read more ...
NN Telecommunications Regulatory Commission - Report & Order
The Navajo Nation Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NNTRC) has taken a major step in building a 9-1-1 Program that will serve the needs of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation faces many unique challenges being a Tribal Nation that spans into 3 States and 11 Counties. The NNTRC has been studying the 9-1-1 situation for many years and was authorize by the Navajo Nation Council to implement the 9-1-1 system(s) for the Navajo Nation back in November of 2013.

As you will see in the Report & Order attached the NNTRC does not expect to tackle this large task alone and nor does the NNTRC approach the situation as a project but rather steps are taken to institute a program. The program has many different facets for engagement and flexibility with the intent for long term governance and policy development. Transparency and openness to the process are core values of the NNTRC as a regulatory agency thus in the program key elements are defined to reflect these core values.

Furthermore, the NNTRC commits to pursue Next Generation 9-1-1 as the primary solution for the Navajo Nation. There are many circumstances and issues that led to this strategy, and we are committed to overcoming the issues within the Navajo Nation and working with other governments at all levels in implementing NG911 for the Navajo Nation. Thank you.

Brian Tagaban, NN Telecommunication Executive Director
PO Box 7440, Window Rock, AZ 86515
Telephone: (928) 871-7854
Email: btagaban@nntrc.org
Website: http://www.nntrc.org
  read more ...
NN Div of Soc. Svcs - Department of Family Services - Phone Directory
Navajo Nation Division of Social Services - Department of Family Services
Phone Directory Listing
If you have any questions please contact:
Rebecca Healing, Administrative Assistant
Department of Family Services
Bldg. 2689 Window Rock Blvd.
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: (928) 871-7987
Fax: (928) 871-7009
  read more ...
NN EMS Conference - Save the Date - Oct 20 - 25, 2014
12th Annual NN EMS Conference Flyer, Gallup, NM  read more ...
Use of Navajo Nation Vehicles - Fairs / 4th of July Celebration
Pursuant to 2 N.N.C. 3551 et seq., the Motor Vehicle Review Board (MVRB) has responsibility and authority to authorize the assignment of Navajo Nation vehicles.  read more ...
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