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    Navajo Nation Announcements

    Note: DIT distributes information on behalf of the Navajo Nation Government: Divisions, Offices, and Programs. If you have any question regarding an announcement please contact the Division, Office or Program who originated the information.


    Week of August 19- August 25, 2018
    Schedule is subject to change


    23rd NNC Naabik'iyati' Sub-Committees and Navajo-Hopi Land Commission

    Proposed Meeting Schedule
    Week of August 19- August 25, 2018
    Schedule is subject to change
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    FMD LIMITED SERVICES RE: FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2018 (9:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M.)

    This memorandum is to inform all Navajo Nation Divisions, Departments, & Programs that the Facilities Maintenance Department (FMD) will be out of the office on Friday, 17 August 2018 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The staff will be attending Facilities Maintenance's scheduled annual picnic for Facilities Maintenance personnel at Wheatfields Lake.

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    The family is searching throughout the Navajo Nation night and day to locate him. There is a search on Saturday, August 11, 2018 starting at 7am at the Kayenta Chapter. Please join us in the search or help with a donation of water. Thank you for your prayers. More information visit Facebook, Navajo Nation Missing Person Update or call 928-213-9758 if you have any information.  read more ...

    Diné Uranium Remediation Advisory Commission Meeting
    The Diné Uranium Remediation Advisory Commission will hold its meeting in the Western Abandoned Uranium Mines (AUM) Region on Wednesday, August 22, 2018, at 10 AM at The Gap Chapter House, which is located along Hwy 89 east of the Gap Express Gas Station and across the road from Gap Trading Post at the Coppermine Road Turn-Off. This Commission meeting will be open to the public.  read more ...


    Week of August 12— August 18, 2018
    Schedule is subject to change


    23rd NNC Naabik'iyati' Sub-Committees and Navajo-Hopi Land Commission

    Proposed Meeting Schedule
    Week of August 12— August 18, 2018
    Schedule is subject to change
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    Fiscal Year 2019 Vehicle Assignments

    Pursuant to 2 N.N.C. § 3551 et seq., the Motor Vehicle Review Board (MVRB) is authorized to approve all Navajo Nation (NN) vehicle assignments, including revocation of any vehicle assignment previously made if it deems departmental responsibility for proper use has not been exercised.

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    Please be informed that pursuant to the Navajo Nation Council Resolution CJY-65-18, the Navajo Nation Code Talkers Day, August 14th of each year has been restored as a paid holiday.

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    Department for Self Reliance-Contact Page
    Department of Self Reliance contact information  read more ...

    Navajo Nation Retirement Planning Week
    • Schedule a few hours in August to plan for a better retirement
    • Sessions will be held August 20th through August 25th - Pick the date and location that works best for you
    • Learn about plan changes
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    WHEREAS, the Navajo Nation is greatly saddened by the loss of of Tyler Edenhofer, 25, a State trooper with the Arizona Department of Public Safety;

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    DCD Newsletter July 2018
    In this Issue 

    • Mexican Springs Project Dedication • Rock Springs Chapter 3rd Annual Chapter Celebration • Daughter of DCD Employee Graduates from Police Academy • Mariano Lake Summer Youth Students Make a Difference in Their Community • Newcomb Senior Center Gets Kitchen Upgrade • Bulletin Board • Personnel News • Navajo Nation Census Information Center News • Data Storage: Always Make a Copy

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    Naat'aji Nahat'a Hane' - Legislative Branch News
    for the 2018 Summer Council Session


    Good Afternoon,


    We are pleased to share with you the 2018 Summer Council Session edition of Naatájí Nahatá Hane’ - Legislative Branch News. Included in the publication are legislation results that show how each delegate voted during the session, along with articles on legislative actions, and events that took place during this week's Summer Council Session. 


    You may view the publication on the Navajo Nation Council's website by clicking the following link:'aji_Nahat'a%20Hane'_Legislative_Branch_News_2018_Summer_Council_Session.pdf


    Hard copies will be available at the Office of the Speaker next week. Copies will also be distributed in the July 26th edition of the Navajo Times. 


    Thank you,


    Jared Touchin

    Jolene Holgate

    Crystalyne Curley

    Office of the Speaker


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    Through this memorandum, the Navajo Department of Records Management is notifying all Navajo Nation Branches, Divisions, Departments, Programs, and the General Public of an office closure on Wednesdav Julv 25, 2018 from 8:00am - I 2:00pm.

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    Speaker's Report - 2018 Summer Council Session

    The Office of the Speaker is pleased to share the report from Speaker LoRenzo Bates for the 2018 Summer Council Session. The 23rd Navajo Nation Council voted to accept the report this afternoon during the opening day. 


    Please see the attached report or you may click on the following link to view the report online.

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    The Department of Personnel Management (DPM) has been advertising vacant positions on its weekly vacancy listing with closing dates ranging from 10 to 60 days. When using this method DPM has begun to encounter discrepancies when the applications are being released to programs conducting their own qualification assessments prior to the specified closing date. This method has also limited the program's ability to hire qualified applicants when selections are made prior to the specified closing date only to be told that the position has not officially closed and that others applications have been received.

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    Telephone and Data Request(s)

    Greetings! It's that time of year again. The following dates listed below are deadlines to submit any Telephone and Data service request(s). Billing cycles listed are for Frontier Communications. In order for charges to be applied to business unit account numbers that are set to expire on September 30, 2018 for General or Contract Fund accounts.

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    The website's new URL address is


    NOTE: In an effort to get the Transit daily route information & schedule out to the public as quick as possible, only the home page is available right now. The rest of the web pages will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

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    for NPD Criminal Traffic History Record, Police Reports and Fingrprinting, to reflect the Navajo Sales Tax increase.  read more ...

    Staff Development & Training-Progressive Training Schedule
    The following Progressive Training sessions will all be conducted

    at the SDT Center, (9am to 4pm) daily - For the months of July 2018

    August and September.  read more ...

    Stage 2 Fire Restriction - Executive Order No. 11-2008

    The Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) also known as Rhinopneumonitis in horses has been diagnosed in 2 horses on Navajo Nation at the end of May on the Arizona side, Kinlichee and Sanders Community. The Navajo Nation Veterinary & Livestock Program is advising horse owners to be aware of travel requirements and recommendations from our neighboring states. One horse has overcome the disease with supportive treatment and the other has died.  read more ...


    The Navajo Nation Office of the Controller has revised the General Claim form and this memorandum will serve as notification to use the revised form, effective May 29, 2018. Do not alter the revised General Claim form.


    The new form is posted on the NNOOC website under Forms:


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    <strong>2018 Annual Youth Hunt</strong>

    2018 Annual Youth Hunt


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    Use of Navajo Nation Vehicles - Fairs/4th of July Celebration
    Pursuant to 2 N.N.C. § 3551 et seq., the Motor Vehicle Review Board (MVRB) has responsibility and authority to authorize the assignment of Navajo Nation vehicles.


    Conditions of assignment may include, but are not limited to, issuance of insurance, hours of permissible use, authorized drivers, parking requirements, decals, special equipment, and take home authorization. Branch Chiefs have primary responsibility to require directors and management to ensure that assigned Navajo Nation vehicles are used in accordance with the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Operator's Handbook.

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    2018 CLVC

    2018 Collar License Vaccinate Confine - Navajo Nation Animal Control Program

    Animal Licensing for Pets

    Animal Surrenders

    "Be a responsible pet owner - Obey all NN Animal Control Laws"

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    Navajo Sales Tax Increase (5% to 6%)
    Navajo Sales Tax will increase from five percent (5%) to six percent (6%), effective on July 1, 2018.  read more ...

    Stage 1 Fire Restriction EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 10-2018

    WHEREAS, the President of the Navajo Nation serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Executive Branch of

    the Navajo Nation government with the full authority to conduct, supervise, and coordinate personnel and program
    matters. 2 N.N.C. § 1005 (A).


    WHEREAS, the President shall have the enumerated power of issuing Executive Orders for the purpose of
    interpreting, implementing or giving administrative effect to statutes of the Navajo Nation in the manner set forth in
    such statutes. 2 N.N.C. § I005 (C) (14).  read more ...

    Unmanned Aircraft Systems Liability - Drones
    The Navajo Nation Risk Management is currently conducting renewal activities for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2019.


    As part of the “Renewal”, we are requesting all Navajo Nation Programs, Departments, Division and Chapters to report the use of Drones within their respective programs. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Drones are used by Law Enforcement, Facilities Management Departments and Utility Companies. They are a safer alternative to hazardous work environment.

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    MARCH 20, 2018

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    6-month construction project on US 163 near Kayenta scheduled to begin in 10 days

    The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration are making roadway improvements along a 1-mile stretch of  US 163, approximately 5 miles north of Kayenta, in Little Capitan Valley.

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    Pet Licensing Surrender Site
    Animal Licensing for Pets
    Animal Surrenders, NN Animal
    License $10 with proof of rabies
    vaccination. Animal Surrenders - free
    on SITE. Various Dates, please view flyer
    10AM - 3PM.  read more ...

    2018 Wright Express Orientation
    All Navajo Nation Employee who have NOT attended the
    Wright Express Orientation will need to attend the scheduled
    orientations. This also applies to employees who had their PIN
    number terminated due to misuse of the Wright Express card or had
    their PAF processed for termination and have been rehired.  read more ...

    Navajo Nation Sexual Harassment Training (Executive Order)

    On Monday, August 1st, 2016 Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez, along with Acting Chief Justice Allen Sloan signed an Executive Order mandating that all Executive and Judicial departments review the Navajo Nation Sexual Harassment policy and attend sexual harassment training.

    The Staff Development and Training Department will provide the mandated Annual Sexual Harassment Training, free of charge every third week of each month on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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    Personnel Action Form (PAF) -Fleet Management
    For fiscal year 2018, Fleet Management will be requesting for
    Rusco fuel cards when a Personnel Action Form (PAF) is presented
    for clearance from Fleet Management.  read more ...

    Memo: Re: NN Wireless Equip. Procurement & Payment Processing
    Subject: Navajo Nation Wireless Equipment Procurement & Payment Processing
    In accordance with Navajo Nation Wireless Policy & Procedures (GSCN-47-10) and a
    recent meeting with Office of Controller, all procurement and payment to wireless
    service providers... will require NNTU signed off prior to processing...  read more ...

    2015/2016 Emergency Contact Directory
    2015/2016 Emergency Contact Directory
    Apache County, Navajo County,
    Hopi Tribe, Navajo Nation
    White Mountain Apache Tribe  read more ...

    BIA Established Livestock Watering Locations
    United States Department of the Interior
    Bureau of Indian Affairs
    BIA Established Priority Livestock Watering Locations  read more ...

    NNVP: Treating Pets for Fleas/Plague Prevention
    For Immediate Release
    Navajo Nation Veterinary and Livestock Program Treating Pets
    for Fleas as Plague Prevention Measure / NNVP Treatment Discount  read more ...

    NNTU: Memo Re. NN Wireless Svc. & Equip. Contracts
    To: Branches, Divisions, Departments & Offices
    Navajo Nation
    Fr: NN Telecommunications & Utilities (NNTU)
    Subj.: Navajo Nation Wireless Service & Equipment Contract
    ...the Navajo Nation government, President Shelly signed contracts with Smith Bagley, Inc.
    aka: Cellular One of Northeast Arizona and Verizon Wireless. These two contracts secured
    government pricing for wireless phone service & equipment for an initial two year period
    beginning March 1, 2015 - February 28, 2017.  read more ...

    Navajo Nation Council confirms standing committees
    Standing Committees of 23rd Navajo Nation Council
    Immediate Release - February 10, 2015
    Website:  read more ...

    NN Div. of General Svcs - Staff Directory
    Navajo Nation - Executive Branch
    Division of General Services
    Staff Directory Listing - FY2015  read more ...

    Ebola Response Resources Manual - PHEP
    From the Navajo Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program (PHEP)
    Ebola Response Reference Manual  read more ...

    Navajo Nation Health Advisory - Ebola Virus Disease
    Window Rock, AZ – Although it is unlikely for an Ebola case to present on the Navajo Nation,
    this public health advisory is being distributed to provide information about the Ebola Virus Disease.  read more ...
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