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Note: DIT distributes information on behalf of the Navajo Nation Government: Divisions, Offices, and Programs. If you have any question regarding an announcement please contact the Division, Office or Program who originated the information.
Ofc of Background Investigations - Office Closure
Office of Background Investigations (OBI) - Office Closure
Thursday, December, 18, 2014 from 10:30 am - 2:30 pm.  read more ...
NN Legislative Branch - Admin Leave: Dec. 26, 2014 & Jan. 2, 2015
The Navajo Nation Legislative Branch - Administrative Leave
is hereby granted for all Legislative Branch employees for
Friday, December 26, 2014 (8 hours) and Friday, January 2,
2015 (8 hours).
Any questions, please contact Office of the Speaker at
(928) 871-7160.  read more ...
NNTU Limited Services
Navajo Nation Telecommunications & Utilities (NNTU)
Limited Services - Thursday, December 18, 2014
from 10:30 am - 2:00 pm.  read more ...
DSR Shiprock Office Closure Indefinite
Shiprock Department for Self Reliance Office Closed, Indefinitely
By order of the Navajo Office of Environmental Health.
An Order of Closure was issued for the southeast end
of the Ayani Nez building where the DSR office is located,
due to a determination that it presents a health hazard to
the DSR’s Customers, employees and visitors.  read more ...
NNC Law and Order Committee: Special Meeting, Dec 19, REVISED
Navajo Nation Council Law and Order Committee
Special Meeting - "In Lieu of 12/15/14 Regular Meeting
Time/Date: 10:00 am., December 19, 2014 - REVISED AGENDA
Location: NNC Chambers North Conference Room, Window Rock, Arizona  read more ...
NN Council & Standing Committees Proposed Meetings
Navajo Nation Council & Standing Committee's
Proposed Meeting Schedule
Week of December 15 - 19, 2014  read more ...
Upcoming Retirement Seminars @ the NN Museum, Dec 18
Navajo Nation Retirement Services -
Upcoming Retirement Seminars at the
Navajo Nation Museum
December 18, 2014  read more ...
Dept of Info. Technology - Happy Holidays Greeting
From the Navajo Nation Department of Information Technology (NNDIT)
Happy Holidays Greeting  read more ...
NN Dept of Self Reliance Office Closure - Shiprock Field Office
The Department for Self Reliance (DSR) Shiprock Field Office
in Shiprock, NM is closed starting December 11, 2014, until
further notice.
For more information or for closure updates, please contact
DSR Support Services in Window Rock at (928) 810-8553 or
call toll free at 1-866-347-2403.  read more ...
Navajo Transit System - Newsletter - December 10, 2014
Navajo Nation Transit System
Newsletter - Wednesday, December 10, 2014  read more ...
Administrative Leave & New Years & Early Payroll Release
Administrative Leave - (8) Hours for Christmas & (8) Hours for New Years
And Early Payroll Release
16 Hours on Friday, Dec ember 26, 2014 (8 hours)
and Friday, January 2, 2015 (8 hours)
Additionally, Early Payroll Release for non-direct
deposited checks on Tuesday, December 23, 2014  read more ...
Navajo Nation Council Delegate Position - Special Election
Special Election - Navajo Nation Council Delegate Position
Candidates are: Benjamin Bennett & Genevieve Jackson
* Crystal Chapter
* Fort Defiance Chapter
* Red Lake Chapter
* Sawmill Chapter
Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Time: 6:00 am to 7:00 pm  read more ...
Office Supply Center - Temporary Office Closure
Office Supply Center - Temporary Closure
Friday, January 2, 2015 - Thursday, January 8, 2015
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Due to Annual Physical Inventory.  read more ...
NN Div. of General Svcs - Staff Directory
Navajo Nation - Executive Branch
Division of General Services
Staff Directory Listing - FY2015  read more ...
Red Lake Chapter Special Election - Dec. 30, 2014
Red Lake Chapter House - Special Election
*Chapter Secretary/Treasurer Position
When: Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Time: Polls Open @ 6:00 am and Close @ 7:00 pm.  read more ...
Colonial Life Open Enrollment
Colonial Life - Making benefit count (FLYER)
Greetings: All Navajo Nation Employees
There are three (3) weeks left for the Colonial Life open enrollment.  read more ...
Residents of Navajo feel Sedona Quake - NDEM Public Service Annoucement
Navajo Department of Emergency Management - Public Service Announcement
Residents of Navajo feel Sedona Quake

Navajo Nation – Arizonans felt a 4.7 earthquake last night around 10:57 p.m. with its epicenter
north of Sedona, Arizona. Reports of people on Navajoland felt the shock have come in from
the Teesto, Chinle, Kayenta, Window Rock, Fort Defiance communities with some reports of
feeling the tremor in New Mexico.
No damages have been reported on the Navajo Nation.  read more ...
Department for Self Reliance Remaining Public Hearings
The Department for Self Reliance (DSR) will be conducting Public Hearings to present and obtain public input on the Navajo Nation’s Tribal Family Assistance Plan (TFAP) for the upcoming three-year period of October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2018.  read more ...
Adopt-a-Grandparent - Dept of Behavioral Health Services
The season of giving is upon us again.
The Adopt-a Grandparent project is a perfect way to spread this holiday cheer.
All you need to do is come to our office and take a star from the tree that will
have the name, age, and a wish list of the grandparent of your choosing.  read more ...
Executive Order No. 11-2014-Utilizing Prof. Dev. Svcs of DC & NTU
On November 6, 2014, The Navajo Nation
President Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex
Lee Jim signed EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 11-2014
—Utilizing Professional Development Services of
Diné College and Navajo Technical University, a
mark able point in history for Navajo Nation’s
higher education system.  read more ...
NN Executive Branch - $554 Million Settlement Townhall Survey Form
Navajo Nation Executive Branch - $554 Million Settlement Townhall Survey Form
Office of the President and Vice President
Send completed survey form to:
Email: bbegaye@navajo-nsn.gov
Telephone: (928) 871-6352/7000  read more ...
NN Emp Assistance Prg - Temp Interruption in Svc
Due to our temporary employment ending September 30, 2014, the Navajo Nation Insurance Services
Department is without an Employee Assistance Program Counselor once again. The Employee Assistance
Program is no longer being serviced through the Navajo Nation Insurance Services Department to the Navajo
Nation Employees, Chapters, Enterprises and their Affiliated Entities.  read more ...
Ebola Response Resources Manual - PHEP
From the Navajo Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program (PHEP)
Ebola Response Reference Manual  read more ...
Navajo Nation Health Advisory - Ebola Virus Disease
Window Rock, AZ – Although it is unlikely for an Ebola case to present on the Navajo Nation,
this public health advisory is being distributed to provide information about the Ebola Virus Disease.  read more ...
Memo Re: Tree Removal Notification - WR Gov't Campus
To all Navajo Nation Divisions, Departments, & Programs
Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches
Beginning Wednesday, October 15, 2014, the NN Facilities Maint. Dept. in coordination
with the Navajo Telecommunication & Utilities Dept. will commence removal of all
"Chinese Elm" trees located in the Window Rock Area.  read more ...
Navajo Nation - Expenditure Auth. Signature Form FY2015
Expenditure Authorization Signature Form FY 2015
To all Programs, Departments and Divisions
the following attachment needs to be submitted to Accounts Payable ASAP.  read more ...
DSR begins a New Year
Department for Self Reliance Begins a New Year
In the 2014 fiscal year, the Department for Self Reliance had
their proudest moment when they had become an established
Navajo Nation department rather than just a program.  read more ...
DSR to Facilitate Fatherhood & Motherhood is Sacred Prg
Department of Self Reliance to Facilitate Fatherhood is Sacred and Motherhood is Sacred Program.
The Fatherhood Is Sacred™ and Motherhood Is Sacred™ is a program developed by the Native
American Fatherhood & Families Association (NAFFA) based out of Mesa, Arizona. The Chinle DSR
Facilitators will provide trainings to the Chinle Agency TANF customers to provide the opportunity
to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of responsible parenting.  read more ...
Public Health Notice - Flyer
Everyday Preventive Actions That Can Help Fight Germs, Like Flu
CDC recommends a three-step approach to fighting the flu.  read more ...
FY2015 Per Diem Rates - Travel
FY'2015 Travel Information from Office of the Controller
* FY 2015 per Diem Rates
* Meals Breakdown FY2015
* Frequently Traveled Cities FY15  read more ...
Memo: FMD 2014 Annual Winterization Schedule
To all Division, Departments, and Programs
(Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches)

Subject: FMD (Facilities Maintenance Dept.) 2014 Annual Winterization Schedule
This memorandum is to inform all Navajo Nation Divisions, Departments, & Programs that our annual
"Winterization" of all facilities on our current maintenance listing is scheduled to commence on Monday,
06 October 2014. This process will include deactivating all cooling units and restoring all heating units to
operational use.  read more ...
Executive Order No. 13-2014: Protecting NN Employees Exposure to Tobacco in the Work Place
The Navajo Nation Executive Order No. 13-2014: August 14, 2014
Protecting NN Employees Exposure to Commercial Tobacco Products
and Secondhand Smoke in the Work Place  read more ...
Buying Cull Sheep - NNVLP (Oct, Nov, & Dec. 2014)
Buying Cull Sheep - NNVLP
NN Veterinary & Livestock Program
October, November and December 2014  read more ...
Navajo Nation has a second West Nile Positive horse
Navajo Veterinary & Livestock Program
Equine Health Advisory
September 8, 2014
Navajo Nation has second positive West Nile Virus Horse  read more ...
FY 2015 Vehicle Assignments Memo
To: Divisions, Departments, Programs & Branches
The Navajo Nation
From: Stanley Yazzie, Chairperson
Motor Vehicle Review Board
Subject: Fiscal Year 2015 Vehicle Assignments
  read more ...
NN Div of Soc. Svcs - Department of Family Services - Phone Directory
Navajo Nation Division of Social Services - Department of Family Services
Phone Directory Listing
If you have any questions please contact:
Rebecca Healing, Administrative Assistant
Department of Family Services
Bldg. 2689 Window Rock Blvd.
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: (928) 871-7987
Fax: (928) 871-7009
  read more ...
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